Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to Tell If Your Children's Bedding is Safe

It is not clear to many people what is safe children's bedding. Safe in what way? If you choose organic wool bedding, is it safer than conventional bedding that is treated with fire retardants? Ah, the amazing magic of natural organic wool. Wool is fire resistant! Naturally so.

It's amazing to realize that the 20th Century syndrome of immune system dysfunction, environmental allergies, and resulting disabling conditions is a phenomena over a quarter century old. Well, now we can call it the 21st Century syndrome. Multiple allergies, chemical sensitivities, weak immune systems.

Hopefully most young adults, becoming parents now, grew up without any disabling syndrome in the family. And yet, those who did have to deal with a sensitive parent or sibling, are going to have a much better idea of why they will choose organic bedding for themselves and their babies. They have an idea of why they want to know what is safe children's bedding.

While our culture is now just beginning to realize that we have poisoned our water, air and food supply, and that our bodies are the toxic waste dumps for much chemical waste, our culture has also produced many solutions to the "syndrome" problems.

Safe organic wool and cotton bedding is just one example. It is an important example, because after we have gestated a baby in our chemically polluted body, with no harmful result (10 fingers, 10 toes etc.), and after the earthy crunchy goddesses that we are have delivered the baby with little or no drugs and other technological interferences, and as we feed our baby naturally with breast milk laden with PCB's, DDT, and at least trace of everyone's prescription medication and some acid rain, there is one insult to injury that we do not have to add.

One thing we actually have control over! We can now give our baby an organic bedroom! No inhaling dangerous chemicals out gassing from mattresses, sheets, baby blankets and baby clothes in the form of fire retardants. No absorbing chemicals through the skin, to proceed to the blood/brain barrier that in a baby is not even there yet!

How to tell if your children's bedding is safe? Choose organic wool bedding. Organic wool mattress, sheets, blankets and clothing. Natural latex foam is also available, with no out gassing chemicals.

Isn't it great?


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