Monday, April 13, 2009

Non-Toxic Baby Care For Low Impact Organic Living

Avoiding baby products with toxic chemicals in them is not possible since the poison PDBE's and phthalates don't have to be labeled. PDBE's are chemicals used for flame retardants in bedding and clothing. Some chemicals have been banned in bedding, yet some remain. Plastic products are handled and chewed on by babies, and chemicals are ingested. The impact on the environment starts with your baby's body.

Non-toxic baby care is available everywhere. Especially through the internet. So many householders shop online, where chemical free baby bedding, clothing and toys are easy to find.

Three varieties of phthalates (DEHP, DBP, and BBP), have been banned. They had been used in all baby and children's mattresses and other baby products. DINP, DIDP, and DnOP, also phthalates, can no longer be used in teethers and other objects that might be placed into a child's mouth. Nevertheless, they could be present in crib mattresses where they would be absorbed through the skin or inhaled as they off-gas.

DnHP, another phthalate chemical known to cause cancer is still legally used.

Phthlates alter our cells and how they function. Studies have shown that endocrine health is affected, more so in boys. Cancers have shown in mice along with liver problems.

Babies are at higher risk because their bodies are developing. But that doesn't mean older children and adults are not affected. These chemicals are an insidious poison and they are EVERYWHERE in our homes! Furniture, bedding, clothes, carpets and drapes. What else is there?

New replacement chemicals are used and who's to know if they are less harmful? No one does know.

It's frustrating that it took years for some phthalates to be banned. Yet, regardless of what government do or do not choose to do to protect the public, we can protect ourselves. We have the ultimate power to NOT BUY harmful products. If it is not labeled Certified Organic, move on!

The thing is, it is EASY to get these lethal and damaging pollutants out of our homes. Starting with bedding and clothing, we can decrease the risks of cellular damage significantly.

Our homes CAN be low impact, safe environments. Non-toxic baby care is an easy place to start.

To get an idea of the kinds of products you can protect your baby with, go here for a Canadian site, and here for a US site.